Saturday, 27 July 2013

Puffins in Elliston

 Still exploring the province, went to see the puffins a couple of weeks ago in Elliston.

After Cape St Mary's I had high hopes regarding the proximity of bird and the opportunity of making great shots unfortunately I was a bit disapointed. Don't get me wrong, it is still an amazing sight and some puffins flew pretty close to me in several occasions but I was just somewhat limited photography wise. This is why most of the photos here are crops of original so forgive the lack of quality/sharpness.

So went to bird island in the morning, arrived around 8:30. limping on my strain ankle. No difficulties whatsoever to reach the site. 5-10 min walk to reach the cliff where there is a 10m gap with a small island where the puffins are nesting. a loof fog in the morning so I mostly sat there watching, managed to get a few shots:


Stretching wings

Around 11:00, drove down back in Elliston seeing some agitation on another small island, I stopped and saw a small colony of terns (arctic or common, you decide!) These birds are just elegance !

White on white

Frozen in the air


Around lunchtime when to Bonavista to see the cape which wassurrounded in fog. there was a couple of puffins and other seabirds but no pictures were taken, went back to the closest town/village and had a great crepes lunch. perfect to charge up the batteries and get ready for the afternoon. The fog had disapeared but the light was a bit too bright and I realised in Elliston that I was a bit to far to get close up shots.

Angry guillemot

Still angry!

Savannah sparrow

likely a herring gull chick left wandering around

that was at 400mm... far !

environment shot
On the way back I stopped in Clarenville to get a coffee and I discovered that a McLobster was a thing !!!

Only in Newfoundland!

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