Sunday, 15 December 2013

Snowy owls around Cape Spear

At the end of November/ beginning of December I was pleasantly surprised to spot my first snowy owls ever. And what a sight it is!
Apparently it was a good summer for them and therefore loads of individuals had to migrate south at winter time in hope of finding some food down South.
Most of the photos were taken at the begining of December around Cape Spear.

Gear used: EOS 40D + 100-400mm


Environment shot

Not the most efficient camouflage

Windy day

About to take off

Off we go!

on the 1st of december there was a very cooperative individual that allowed me to get pretty close

Cape Spear's lighthouse in the background

Front view

Enjoying the last ray of sun

 A few days later I went to cape Race where there had been quite a view spotting. there was indeed a lot of snowy owls, I counted about 45. Unfortunately they were much more wary than the one I had seen in Cape Spear. and less photo were taken on that day.

Best pic at cape Race

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