Thursday, 1 January 2015

2014 Best-of

 So it's this time of the year. Looking back at the pictures I've taken over the year. I haven't been able to take as much as I want but I got to travel in some places of the province that I hadn't explored yet.

So here is my Top 10:

This picture is not extraordinary and is more about the place where it was taken. This year was the first time I went to Bellevue beach. Where I got to see many of these guys and other shorebirds feeding on the mussel bed. Also saw 5 ospreys flying around and diving. I will definitely go back there if I'm still around in 2015!

Semipalmated Plover, Bellevue beach
 We had quite a brutal winter but every now and then we had a glimpse of light which with the snow and ice would give pretty sparkles allover the place. Looking at this young herring gull you almost forget it was -15C!
Herring Gull, Quidi Vidi lake

A "classic" shot of a gannet coming in to its nest at Cape St. Mary's. This was my 3rd time there and it's always a pleasure to spend the day in the middle of these large birds hoovering just above your head.

Gannet, Cape St. Mary's
This was my first time spotting some cedar waxwings, there was still quite a bit of snow, and I wasn't too well equipped for it. I ended up with freezing and wet feet but some great memories.

Cedar waxwing, Quidi Vidi area
During the last day of my stay in Gros Mourne National Park I decided to do the Gros Morne hike, the weather was very cloudy and not promising regarding photography opportunities. When I arrived at the top it was fog all around, on my way down, I ran into the male rock ptarmigan who was hanging around with 4 females. I played a bit of hide and seek with them before letting them go back to their regular activities.
Rock Ptarmigan, Gros Morne

On the same day, in the forest part of the hike, when I wasn't expecting anything , this grouse just came out of the bushes and we looked each other for about 5-10 minutes it decided it had enough with me and went back to where it came from.

Spruce Grouse, Gros Morne

This summer, we were lucky to see icebergs coming down the Avalon peninsula. a few big ones anchored themselves just outside of the Narrows, after 2 years in St. John's that was the first I saw icebergs, and it was quite an impressive sight. I like this picture because it gives a sense of the size of these big ice-cubes !
Icebergs, Signal Hill
This picture is more about perseverance than anything, during all winter I tried to get some shots of the bald eagles on Quidi Vidi lake, carrying my gear with me most of the time. There was always something missing: eagles no there or too far from the bank, no light, or just me forgetting my camera.  Eventually, one evening of march, after leaving work and spending a hour changing a flat tire, as I drove by Quidi Vidi, I saw this adult and 2 juveniles very close to the bank, I didn't get a chance to take pictures of them fighting but it was amazing to be there nonetheless and get a few pictures.
Bald Eagle, Quidi Vidi Lake
Yet another picture taken in Gros Morne National Park, I left my campsite early in the morning and saw this storm coming in hiding the sun for the rest of the day.

After the storm, Gros Morne National Park
Finally, my favorite picture for this year is a shot of a common tern just at the start of its dive.
I love the elegance of these birds and there are many more shots that I would like to take with this species but this is something I had been trying to do for a little while and being able to get a picture that I had visualized before actually taking it was very satisfactory.
Common tern, Gros Morne National Park

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